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Established 1970

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John Le Voi Guitars

Established in 1970, I am a luthier specialising in high quality Selmer Maccaferri style guitars, as famously used by Django Reinhardt. I make Selmer style guitars in all the original configurations. i.e. 14 fret to body oval hole model with 670mm scale length, 12 fret to body oval hole model with 640mm scale length (the so-called "transitional" model), 12 fret to body D hole model (with or without the internal false back, sides, and reflector), with 640mm scale length, plus a 14 fret to body D hole model with 670mm scale length. This model was not produced by Selmer but has become popular in recent years.

Close-up of a D-hole

I also make flat top guitars in a variety of shapes and styles as well as full depth archtops and all the mandolin family of instruments, repairs and modifications to all types of fretted instruments including refrets, fret dressing, set-ups, pickup installation and accident damage repairs.

If you have a problem with your current instrument or would like to enquire about a LeVoi instrument, please get in touch either by email, phone or by post. Visitors are always welcome to my workshop but please call to arrange a suitable time.

Oval Hole Close-up

John Le Voi Guitars

10 Station Road
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