All exotic timbers are subject to availability and CITES regulations.

quilted maple The soundboard is the most important area of any stringed instrument. The prime requirement for the timber is that it should be light in weight, stiff not spongy and the grain should be correct in all three dimensions. I choose all my soundboard material personally, the first choice for Selmer style guitars being European Spruce. I also occasionally use Cedar and Sitka Spruce and have experimented with Oregon Pine.

For back and sides the most popular timber is Indian Rosewood. Other rosewoods are available. I also use Birdseye Maple, Mahogany and Imbuia (sometimes called Brazilian Walnut).

Necks are American Black Walnut as standard, but I also have Mahogany and use Maple where appropriate. Fingerboards are Ebony, with Rosewood also available.

Below are some examples of timbers available.

Bird's Eye Maple

Quilted Maple

Honduras Rosewood

Honduras Rosewood back and sides


Imbuia back and sides